Treated myself to a takeaway

It has been over a week now since the weather changed dramatically, which is now around 6 degrees, compared to a couple of weeks ago, when it was around 14 degrees. So, I have completely changed my clothes to adapt to the sudden change in weather, this also includes food ha ha. Now for me, it is more comfort foods, more soups, curries, roast dinners, those types of meals. Something that would really help me get through the winter months. I do not like winter at all, including the cold dark nights, which influences me to be at home constantly. 
Tomorrow I am returning to the gym for the first time for over 7 weeks, which is very exciting, I have my gym clothes ready, trainers and all prepared to get stuck in. The gym was closed as the Government announced a lock down order from the 5th November until the 2nd December. This has now been removed, and gyms, restaurants, and all shops can re-open. 
To celebrate the cold dark nights, well not to celebrate actually,  I fancied the takeaway really!! I made the trip to Marks and Spencers to have a look at their takeaway meal. The best ever lasagne was £8 to serve two people caught my eye. The packaging looked really nice, I love fancy packaging because it has for me a big influence into myself purchasing the item. I was sold so I bought it. 
The meal tasted absolutely delicious!! It was amazing, it was like going to a restaurant and eating it. The only part missing was a glass of red wine to compliment this. I have attached a picture to show how nice it looked, I would definitely recommend this, and would buy it again
Give it a go, if you are going to be passing Marks and Spencer's anytime soon


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