Rest more, sleep more

This week was really hectic for me, including working, returning to the gym, cooking, as well as other activities. It started to come to a point where I was feeling overwhelmed. I just wanted to stop everything and rest. I was not eating, and sleeping properly, which then led to lack of sleep, motivation, and then the downhill spiral started. 
Yesterday, everything came down like a ton of bricks,  I felt absolutely drained, tired, lethargic, moody, to the point where I was shouting at people, and actually did not want to listen to them. It was all too much. When I got home, I decided enough is enough. I needed to re-evaluate things, assessing the cause, how I can move forward so that this does not happen again, or how can I avoid this, or not get so bad, only on a small scale, where I can recover quickly 
I began my journey to feeling better by doing my self-care routine, which I mentioned in my previous posts, involving cleansing my skin, or using a face mask. Picture below of L'oreal repumping mask, I also use the L'oreal clay mask. 
I then listened to meditation music, and went to sleep early. 9 hours later, I woke up refreshed, but that was not the end, that was the beginning. I had a healthy breakfast, smoked salmon, with avocado and poached egg on toast, lunch was left over jacket potatoes with beans, dinner was a small portion of fish and chips, as the potatoes were quite large. Then I filled out my do list for Monday, including my self care things which I must do. This list is great, as any problems, or anything worrying me, I can just let that go for addressing the issue tomorrow. Following that I went to bed early again for 10.30pm. 
Overall, I think going to bed early really helps me, as I tend to wake up refreshed, and motivated to do things, like put my make up on, or to make an effort with my hair. 
Think this lockdown has really hit me hard, especially with my mental health, but I am stronger than I think, and look how far we have come, as it has been, I think 8 months, I have really learnt a lot about myself, and how resilient I am. 


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