Keeping a clear head

I am quite enjoying going for a daily walk, especially during the autumn weather while it is not too cold but definitely certainly not hot ha ha
To keep me motivated I like to track the number of steps I am doing daily. Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I have a Mi Smart band 4, which tracks my heart rate, daily steps, as well as how much I get daily. 
On average I have been doing around 4,000 steps daily
Today I increased my steps by going to the park, and a trip to the supermarket on my own. 
I am quite proud of this, but consistency is important for me to  reap the benefits and feel more motivated to do more, 
Another challenge is upon me after lockdown, which is to find a new gym. Unfortunately the gym I went to (picture attached) has closed down, which I am absolutely gutted about. The gym was my escape, my happy place. So I have to find a new gym where I can relax and feel comfortable again. 
That will be a bonus as I love exercising, trying new machines, and challenging myself. So I cannot wait to get back into doing that ! 


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