Eating out during the pandamic


I love eating out, because I don't have to cook, the social side of it, catching up with friends, or family. I really enjoy the experience. 
The sad thing is, i can only dine with up to six people (current UK law at the moment to the pandemic) but anyways, i will not let this keep me from enjoying the restaurant experience. 
I went to a Turkish restaurant the other day. For starters I had bread with hummus, for the main I had chicken shish kebab with a large salad. I had no more room for pudding. I love pudding/desert, usually anything involving chocolate!. For the first time I was full. Looking back as I arrived home, I realised that the reason for this, is because I had a large starter. I usually skip starters because I want to make room for the desert. Also, I tend to get full less when I go straight for the main, rather than the starter at the beginning. When I arrived home, during the late evening I was really hungry, and had some biscuits!
Moral of everything? well make sure I eat properly, consistently and the right portions, and this all went out of the window when I left the restaurant. 
Let me know your comments here, would be good to hear your thoughts


  1. I also love eating out during this time. It’s one of the only fun things we can really do. Before the pandemic, we hardly ever went out for ice cream. Now we do it every week haha


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