Hot, Hot , Hot

So with the weather forecast predicting that the weather is going to be significantly warm, the temperature going to be in the early thirties, it is really important to really stay hydrated.
Over the weekend I bought more water, however I usually buy the 2 litre bottle  (2000ml)but  this time round I only managed to buy the 750ml bottles which is small and I can drink that very quickly. So in total I had to buy 12 bottles of the 750ml of the water.
Today I went to a different shop and bought two more 2 litre bottles of water. So you are probably thinking why on earth am I constantly buying water. For me water is life, essential for health, keeps me hydrated, cool, refreshed, the list goes on and on.
To me water is water no difference, however I love drinking it!!


  1. So as you can see from the post I didn't get the chance to finish this. As I am writing this now it's currently 34 degrees and really struggling with the heat. I do like it but when it's too much for my body, can't concentrate, loose motivation, tiredness it just all becomes too much. The forecast tomorrow is going to be the same, as well as on Wednesday. I am actually glad it's going to be a lot cooler on Thursday, I think 23 degrees , fingers crossed, will keep you posted

  2. I might be in the minority here, but I don't like the heat at all. To me, there is nothing worse than that sticky, sweaty feeling. yuck. I too keep my fingers crossed for cooler weather.


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