About the ASDA soft Grip knife set

I have recently returned to cooking , as took a little bit of a break from it. It was becoming a little bit too much. I sometimes fall out and in love with cooking. When I do cook, I really do love to cook. As I am quite keen to get back in the swings again, I thought I would look at buying a knife set to aid with chopping the food. The one I had was on its way out, as had it for a few years. As I regularly go to Asda anyway for the last few months, I thought I would see what knife set they would have available. This one below I came across. It was only priced at £11, for a set of specific knives. This includes the carving knife, and the bread knife. I have used it so far to do a pasta dish, and to do the sweet jacket potato, with beans and cheese (pictures below) and the knives are great. They have a soft grip so I can really control the knife when cutting into things like vegetables or meat.  Also It comes with a stand so that I can place them once they have been washed and dried. 
I would defiantly recommend this, as it is a great price, and its a great product. 


  1. I completely relate to falling in and out of love with cooking. I'll have to check out this knife set for sure.

    1. For sure, especially since lockdown the constant cooking for the last few months has for me become repetitive so it is nice to have a takeaway now and again


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