Mental health during lockdown

So, during this lockdown as I have been posting various things on keeping well, as well as posting the importance on looking after our mental health. 
I have come across two articles, well one of them is a video, the other is an article from the BBC website. Both of them discuss issues surrounding mental health. 
The BBC articles discusses how residents from up and down the country have coped being in lockdown, many have had to change their routines completely, some have had to work from home, some are unable to work etc, so it really addresses different perspectives from different people. However, all the people interviewed felt that they realised the need and the importance of a work/life balance.  So, after lockdown they will ensure that they will do all they can to look after their mental health, and to do more various activities outside of work.
The second video is from a young lady called Laura Anderson. I have been following, since she appeared in the reality programme Love Island UK. Since then she has become supportive in all things in relation to mental health, and she regularly posts positive messages to encourage this. I follow her on Instagram, and this video I really enjoyed. As it was very short, but it was packed full of quick easy things we can do, if we are feeling down and low. The important thing out of the video was the importance of talking to someone, as you never know if that person also needs someone to talk to, and then at the end of the conversation, you can feel a bit better. This definitely happens to me, I would phone a friend, and we would have long conversations, as sometimes we can go for weeks without speaking to each other. Then at the end I forget why I got upset in the first place. 
It would be good to get your feedback on this, and if you have any good stories, or fun ones to share, or any other comments you may have. 

This is the BBC article :


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