Welcome back shops!!

Hi everyone, 

As i am writing this post now, we are in the 10th week of lockdown. Well it is not really lockdown as per say, as we can stay outside as long we want. So far at the moment it has been fine, as i am still trying to get the opportunity to walk as much as possible, and to keep reading, as well as other activities. 
I heard on the news as of today that the shops will be opening in the next few weeks. I am not sure how i feel about that to be honest. On one hand its a great thing, that things are slowly becoming back to normal, and staff can go back to work, and earn money again. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for shops to become over crowded.  I know legally we have to keep to within the 2 metres apart, but still it is the in between, the travelling to the shops, the walking to the shops. Everyone will be going in the one direction , and out of the shops where it can become crowded. To be honest i do not think i will be running to the shops anytime soon, even when the shops open again. 
I am going to keep exercising at home, cooking, and also purchase them online for the time being. 

On the positive note the number of cases has come down, which is great, so we shall see in the next few weeks 


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