Mental health awareness 2

As part of mental health awareness i am doing another post into the things that i am doing to keep myself occupied. One of the things that i have been doing anyway, including since lockdown started, is going for regular walks. I love going for a walk now, i never really used to enjoy it at all, as i am a regular gym goer anyway, but as that has closed , and not going to be open for a while unfortunately, i really had to look at alternative methods to have regular exercises. i did consider using yoga on the app via mobile, and then do home exercises, but then its being at home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I needed something different, and it gets me out of the house. So at the moment i am currently walking. When I first started walking for around 30 minutes,  i became out of breath very quickly. However over the next few weeks with regular walking, and increasing the time, I am now able to walk further, and longer. I have attached a picture when I achieved walking for 45 minutes, then walked for another 45 minutes, so an hour and a half in total. It was a lovely day it was 25 degrees that day, so everyone was out on their bikes, and relaxing at the park, 
FInd something that will keep you motivated, challenged but also you enjoy it. Walking is one example, as you can increase the time, and the length, and can be enjoyable, well when the weather is nice, 


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