I Do Love A Bargain

So I was shopping at Lidl and noticed all three of these cookbooks for £2.99 each. It is an absolute bargain!! Because I am sure that they are going for like £10 each. So I am really pleased. Also as I am really trying to get more adventurous in the kitchen this is absolutely fantastic. One more point too I have the exact book that I borrowed in the library, and now I can take it back , so definitely a win win for me 



  1. I didn't read those cookbooks, are they good? I always buy some when I find them for cheap.

  2. I buy cookbooks all the time and it never crossed my mind that I can borrow some from the library, that's really funny, once again I learned something useful on your blog page.

  3. That is really a sweet deal, I hope they will have them again cause I would love to buy some for me as well.

  4. I learned so much from the cookbooks, i am a real geek. I know that there is a lot of recipes on the Youtube atm but I like to hold a book in my hand.


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