Graduation !!!

This post is a little different to the others, as you all know my other posts are all nutrition related and health. It will still be health related anyway, but it is a digression. 

So my sister graduated today, and I am so so proud of her. I saw the blood, sweat and tears that was coming out of her pushing through to get those assignments, and exams done. Now that it is officially over my sister can breathe a great sigh of relief. I mean she has now got another chapter in her life which is beginning career wise, however when I look back to when I graduated 12 years ago I really didn't know what was going to happen in my career. I was still working at a shop called New Look which was great, I really loved it. But then I thought am I going to be working at New Look in the same role for the rest of my life? I really had to take a look at my life and the journey that I was going and was about to get into. Luckily I was offered a management trainee role a few weeks later at the store, following that I then applied for a role in the NHS as a food and health worker , where my career in nutrition began. 

When I look at all the other graduates today I think to myself there are some people here who are not sure where they are going with this, what I mean is will they stay in the same career path? Or will they change? Will they find a job? Or set up a business? All these things can be overwhelming especially when you have just graduated, oh and don't mention the student debt !!!
No matter how you are feeling especially on graduation day just celebrate all the hard work that you have put in. And then just think no matter what career path you take, you will be ok. It is not the end of the world if you decide not to carry on with the degree you work hard for, sometimes things just do not work out. Unfortunately we are put under so much pressure to do things and follow a plan like step 1, 2 ,3 etc in order to get to step 4. But as we all know life does not work out that way sometimes. It is fine , and with time and speaking to friends and family there are always other options. 
Today is world mental health day, and really wanted to raise awareness of talking and listening to one another. Don't compare yourself to other people to be the best student, or to have the best selfie picture, or to have the best body shape. Be happy for who you are, you are enough , even if graduation turns out to be a disaster, it will be ok in the end. 

Oh and to all the other students that have graduated a huge congratulations!!








  1. I love this. Just be who you are. When I graduated too, it was all so confusing. I was worried my degree may not take me where I want. I spent a while not knowing what to do until I had a long talk with a family friend and before long, I was already pulling heavy weights in my career. Everything will be fine. All you need is just to get started on something and build up on it.

  2. I just recently graduated too and where I work now is not my dream place but I feel like I'm not ready for the world as I always have this feeling that I'll get swallowed or something. Yeah, I know I can do it and so I'm working on getting over the fear to try something different because I sure can't make a career out of where I work now.

  3. Yesss we should all celebrate the hard work we put in!


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