World suicide prevention day

Yesterday was world suicide prevention day. The amount of suicide in London alone has increased since 2017, especially people under 29. It is important to raise this issue, and to talk about mental health.



  1. Not just in London, but in many other countries. In my country alone, this year had the highest suicide, especially among people between 17-25 years of age. And then I wonder what is really happening. What could they be fighting that they feel that suicide is the only way to get rid of the problem they find themselves in. As parents and guardians, we need to get ever so close to the younger ones to be sure that they aren't making wrong decisions that will lead to something unpleasant soon.

  2. Suicide is never an option. I keep saying that. You only make it worse for those around you. Instead of resolving to suicide, seek help, support and advice from others. You are not alone in what you feel so there must be a better way out.

  3. I lost two close people to suicide and when I look back, what caused that act was something a little talk could avert. People who choose suicide over life are not really going into the best way. There are other ways to sort things out and taking your life will do more harm than good.


  4. I'm just left to wonder what goes through the minds of these guys when they surrender themselves to committing suicide. Do they think like it's the answer to their questions? Or is it freedom at last for them? Do they even think about those left behind? I don't think they are actually settling for the best decision.

  5. Such an important topic that isn't talked about enough. Thank you once again for sharing this important information and creating a dialogue for these important discussions.


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