World breast feeding week

Today marks the first day of world breast feeding week. As we are all aware mums need time to really bond with their child, breast feeding is one of them.
Breast milk ensures that the child gets the best nutrients possible, especially clostridium, which helps to protect the baby from infections
I am using this opportunity to help each other and encourage people to be aware if women are breast feeding in public. Try to accommodate them and not to stare at them like they are aliens !!
Ask them if they need a seat or a glass of water.

For owners of businesses, if the mum needs somewhere private please accommodate them and not put them in a toilet to feed their child. They need somewhere comfortable and secure to enjoy this beautiful time




  1. When I had my first child, I struggled a lot because I was working for a strict employer. He started demanding for my return just few months after the baby arrived and it was not pleasant. When I had enough, I went to him and told him that the reason he is this well-developed at this age is because of the bond he shared with his mother and that it will be difficult to leave a few months baby in the hands of a nanny feeding him cow milk all day when all he needs is his mother's milk and that bond time to develop properly.
    He was shocked at the revelation but left me and even allowed me work from home till my baby was almost 8 months. I wish we can have more employers like this. Our children deserve better development and it's only the mother that can offer this.

  2. OMG! Who would put a mum and her baby in a toilet for her to breastfeed? That's not nice at all. I own a shop and there's like a sitting space right outside, and whenever I notice a mum and her baby sitting there trying to get a little privacy to breastfeed, I bring them in and give them a space inside my shop at a place that is away from public eyes. This bond is very important and we should try to encourage mums who do this with their children.

  3. It's just disheartening that some employers would insist you come back to work a month or two after you had your baby. Then I begin to wonder how that bond between mother and child will grow when she will come home exhausted and not have much time for the baby, thereby resolving to feeding her with formulas. This should be something we should take seriously though. It's affecting us more than we can think.

  4. Breastfeeding is a very important topic to me! I had many breastfeeding struggles but perservered and it became such an important journey in my life.


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