Alpro soya unsweetened almond milk

In my last post I discussed about the recent purchase I made which was the alpro soya sweetened milk. It was nice but then I realised that it was very sweet. I checked the label, and there was a little bit of sugar in it.
Based on that I purchased the unsweetened version, and it's just as sweet !!!
What is more of a bonus is that when I checked the label there was zero sugar in it.

Both of them cost £1.60 roughly which is not cheap, but it is high in calcium, good fats, no sugar , and it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


  1. I switched to unsweetened almond milk and haven’t looked back. It tastes great even without the added sugars.

    What are your favorite ways to use almond milk? I put it in my coffee and cereal but I feel like I’m not using it to its full potential. I’d love to hear some suggestions!

    1. Hi thanks for your comment!!

      I use it in porridge alot but also I use it in protein shakes when I work out.

  2. This is interesting. I mean, it's unsweetened and still tastes sweet. I am a vegetarian and usually when I buy unsweetened products, the taste is just bland. I think that's exactly why I like it more.

  3. I saw the last post you made about the sweetened version and I realized that I have once used that before I switched to another brand. The sugar content wasn't too high and as a matter of fact, I even switched to something sweeter. I loved it in my coffee and you will always find one in my bag.


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