Happy Easter

Hope you all had a lovely Easter break or if you do not celebrate this I hope you enjoyed it anyway

So Easter for me was fun, however rather than eating lots of eggs, I wanted to do things differently, actually I tell a lie I did have lots of eggs, but I wanted to show this lovely product that I saw in the shops the other day.

Its called Graze and it's a flapjack made from vanilla and cocoa. It tasted absolutely delicious, however not great for the purse, as it did cost £.150 but it was definitely worth it. Its great for on the go in between meetings, or even as a small breakfast snack ( especially if you do not have breakfast in the morning)

Finally this is great for a snack after a workout routine

I am definitely going to try out other flavours


  1. Graze has such awesome snacks. I tried them for a while and my family really enjoyed the variety of goodies we got but, ultimately, we decided not to reorder because the price was a bit high.

    I miss the convenience though. The packs were great snacks for work and school.


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