NHS and banning Advertising

So recently in the news it was announced by the UK Health Authority (NHS) that they want to put a ban on misleading celebrity advertising for weight loss aides.
This would also include diet pills and paid promotion of health products

Personally I do welcome this decision as I feel that there are far too many misleading products/foods especially from not just from celebrities in particular, however from instergram stars who have millions of followers

They have the power to influence people to do various tasks, purchase items and feel a certain way. Sometimes it can be good (especially for the celebrity) but the product itself can be rubbish. Unfortunately there is no way of controlling that and it is down to the person buying it to decide

I have tried lots of products in the past one which I did document on my blog a long time ago, and it was great, but financially it was expensive for people who want to buy it. Cost is a huge factor when buying things endorsed by celebrities. As well as that is the product worth it in the end? Not always

Have a look here


  1. I think it’s a great step forward. I’d personally like to see a crack down on misleading products themselves and not just tackling how they are being advertised. I think we need better regulation regarding dietary aids.


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