Going off the record

Right so today I am going to discuss anything but not nutrition related this time. Reason being I really wanted to let you know and to discuss an experience that I will definitely not forget

So I went to the spa in Dalston called smooth you. It is round the corner from the station so it was not too far to get there. I have never had a facial for a very long time, but I got a phone call from them to see if I was interested in having a facial worth £150. So I said yes of course!

So when I got there the staff really made me feel relaxed and comfortable, which was nice. Then I got taken in for a skin analysis. I was told that I have dehydrated skin, pigmentation because I have sunburn around the eye area.
I was offered treatment for these but it was far too much money.
To be honest I completely forgot about the facial because I was so shocked to hear about my skin

I would love to hear comments about how to improve my skin. It has drawn me into re educating myself again on skin. I am to be honest a bit upset about it, as I feel that I do look after my skin, clearly not

Anyway if you want more information about smooth you here it is below, it was a lovely experience


  1. I’m curious to know how my skin compares. I feel like I take decent care of myself but I know a professional would find some problem areas.


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