Happy Easter everyone!!

So for the past few days, all I have had constantly is easter eggs. I am at the point where I am sick to death of seeing them now. So what I have done is decided to go for a walk round Regents park with my friends. Despite the cold weather, and a few drops of rain here and there, it was a pleasure to do something different to eating eggs. I have also been keeping active in the gym also, I love staying active as I feel that it keeps my mind busy , I feel better within myself, and it gives me bit of confidence, especially when you do something very grueling like the kettlebell  programmes I have been doing below, that gives me a sense of achievement as it is very challenging.
Try to exercise wherever possible especially to get the endorphins going, which can help to improve the mind, oh and rid the excess easter eggs!!


  1. Happy Easter to all, I hope you have spent a lot of time! And have a good holiday.

  2. You too!! Hope you had a lovely time


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