Dont you just hate it when something goes wrong and you really need it!!!
So my boiler stopped working on me. I was really having a horrible time with it
 to the point where it became unbearable. So what i did was i went for a walk just to clear the air, went on the car park roof in wood green and decided to take this picture. As the sun was turning in and i wanted to just catch this picture before the sun set in. That made me feel a bit better as i was able to walk away from the situation for a short period of time. Then when i was ready i returned to the mess of the boiler. So that got fixed the other day, and now only 4 weeks till christmas i thought now is the time to really prepare myself for all the unhealthy food i am going to eat over the coming weeks. I was being lazy and came off the samsung health app but i will return tomorrow and keep posting :) 
Blame the boiler all its fault 


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