Nawaz restaurant eating out

So I went to Nawaz restaurant in London Bridge with a couple of friends. 
I had Rogan Josh with pilau rice. So I thought this would be a great way to discuss what to eat when eating out in an Indian restaurant

1. Try to go for a tomato based meal as they usually contain less calories, and can contribute towards at least one of your five a day , oh and it contains fibre, which is great for the bowel

2. Try and skip the you are probably thinking why!!! But it's because well we don't need it really you are just consuming extra calories for no reason let's be honest about this. The main meal is on its way :) oh and don't forget deserts are to come also

3. For rice it's best to have plain rice, now I know I had pilau rice but that was because I had a glass of wine already beforehand , so yes I  blame the wine!! 
Coconut rice, pilau, fried rice all contains extra calories for no reason. So plain is best in this instance

4. If you are having naan bread, again plain is best to save on calories. 

5. If you are having an alcoholic beverage be aware of the recommended units for male and female. Don't forget that a bottle of wine is equivalent to 10 jam doughnuts

Enjoy :) 


  1. Seriously, I thought I was the only one that enjoyed the coconut rice in Nawaz restaurant. I really had a great meal the afternoon i first bump into the restaurant. I have visited 5 more times after that time. However, i appreciate this post for giving good details on what foods to opt for next time I show up at the restaurant.

    1. Thank you Rebecca glad you liked the post!

  2. This is really great. I had always loved to take pilau rice for lunch whenever I found myself in Indian restaurants -- not Nawaz anyway. I never knew it could be high in calorie. Thanks for the post. It's really the time to change menu.

  3. Hi Larry, there is nothing wrong with pilau rice honestly, have fun you only live once. Just bear mind it is high calorie :)

  4. Many people believe that drinking an alcoholic beverage will help them feel more relaxed. However, if you have anxiety about alcohol consumption, it could make things worse.


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