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So in order to get more healthy i have been using the app samsung health. It has everything health related in one app. It monitors your intake of water, food, alcohol, physical activity and sleep. All these things are very important to help to maintain health, in particular sleep. I am aware that this is something that i really need to work on, as i do not think i am having enough sleep, 6 hours does not cut it for me at all. So i really like this app as it really gives me the motivation to really keep going, and the best thing is that it awards you when you achieve your goal by giving you stars. 


  1. Yes. I know of Samsung Health. It's really a great app for people looking to keep fit, especially those that wants to lose some pounds. It is a great motivation I must say.

  2. Samsung Health could really be a great app to lose weight. However, behind the app, there must be a strong will and determination before you can truly achieve your fitness goals. that is what will keep you motivated to forge ahead while the app renders its help.

  3. Wow! You mean the app can do all these? I think I will need to get it. I have been finding it very difficult to keep up with my fitness routine these days and I think I need a good source of motivation. But my concern is that if it works also on all android versions.


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