Had i have not been cooking in a while, i decided to make a really homily meal. I had not made like any italian meal for a long time, so i just decided on lasgana and thought ok lets make this. 
Unfortunately for me i did not get the opportunity to make the tomato sauce. (Have a look through my blog on how i made this )
However i just thought i can just purchase the tomato sauce. So the sauce was from Gino D'Campo's range in Iceland. 
The rest of the ingredients were :
Mince meat
Left over courgettes

For the cheese sauce
Grated cheese
I forgot to add the flour.

Oh and the lasgana sheets

As you can see from the pic the sheets raised up a little bit, however it still tasted great. Plus i still have loads leftover to have another time. So in total it costed me around £12 to make. 


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