It's February......

Yes it is, and we are officially into the second month of the year. As this is the time where I start to drop off, in relation to new year resolutions, I thought that I'd keep up the momentum, and keep posting food ideas to help keep us going. 
So this week , well today I made spaghetti bolognese, now you are probably thinking I have made this before, yes I have, however I done a little twist to this recipe and used a tinned sauce rather than make my own sauce. 
So I used Loyd Grossman tomato sauce, and it was so nice and tasty. 
The sauce was on offer at Asda for a pound, which I think is fantastic for the price
I also used Saintsbury's parmasan which gave it the extra kick as well
The fab thing about this is that I now have 4 meals out of this amazing portion
One to take for work tomorrow, another I am using to make a chilli, another for another day.
Not bad considering I spent £5 on the whole meal 😂😂


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