Somebody  asked me a question about the difference between wholemeal and wholegrain, so I responded. However I wanted to give a much more detailed answer. 
Wholegrain is a type of bread that contains seeds, or nuts in them. I have attached a picture of Hovis Seeded bread that I purchased the other day. I am really enjoying this particular one at the moment, as it tastes so nice! It is packed full of pumpkin, sunflower, golden linseeds, millet and poppy, so I now realise why it tastes so good!!
I checked the label at the back, and it contains 6 grams of fibre per slice, so it is a great source of Fibre. The new eatwell guide states that we should be aiming to have at least 30 grams of fibre a day, so consuming 2 slices of this would contribute to 10 percent of the recommendation. The problem with wholemeal is that it does contain fibre, but a lower amount of it, in comparison to wholegrain. With figures for colon cancer on the rise, it is even more important to keep our bowels regular as much as possible. One of the ways of doing this is eating foods containing high amounts of fibre, so it would be ideal to consume wholegrain rather than wholemeal. If you find that wholegrain is not to your tastebuds, you can always try 50/50 versions, where they contain fibre, but tastes like white bread. 



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