Walking this summer

Being Active is very important if a healthier lifestyle is an aim to be achieved. There are many benefits of physical activity including: Preventing Coronary heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, providing more energy, and reducing high blood pressure. Unfortunately in the United Kingdom (UK) a recent study by the Health Survey for England found that physical activity levels are low. Over 50% of the population (both male and female) are not active enough. This can increase the risk of heart disease, as well as other risks. Unfortunately one reason people are not active is because of the assumption that high strenuous exercise has to be achieved. This can include: gym, taking on a sport, going to aerobic classes. To stress these exercises are caustically beneficial to people's health, however the rest of the population does not do these types of exercises due to the stigma attached with them. This is linked to an increased risk of health problems.
Walking is one best option for increasing physical activity but also fitness as well. Walking can help to aid the problems mentioned above, but also can burn calories, therefore lose weight. The UK Government recommends that the population should aim to do 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week.
Some communities may find this difficult, however a mixture of walking and splitting the times to 15 minutes can aid this, and encourage physical activity. For example 15 minutes of brief walking in the morning, then 15 minutes of walking again in the afternoon, can achieve the Governments recommended time.
The other benefits of walking is that it can help raise the heart rate slightly. Walking and other types of physical activity that raises the heart rate slightly is very beneficial for the health. Once the heart rate is raised slightly it is very important to keep doing the particular exercise (or other exercises) on a regular basis. Weight Management advisors in the UK use the Acronym FIT to promote the importance of physical activity. The Acronym fit stands for Frequency, Intensity, and Time. Frequency is the number of times one person exercises in a week. Intensity means to increase the content of the exercise, in order for the body to burn more calories, and to loose weight overall. Finally time means to make sure the person achieves the minimum time of physical activity, which is 30 minutes.
Overall walking is one best activity to increase physical activity. Young, older generation, families, male, female and children can walk. It can also form good relations among mothers, fathers and new born babies. Walking does not cost anything, which can be a bonus, especially in this financial climate.


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