Stress n hair

I thought I would dedicate this post to my hair lol.....
My wonderful cousin did an amazing job on it, which gave it back to life again.
Unfortunately I have been very stressed over the last year. This has regrettably taken its toll on my hair. My  hair is like my pride and joy, so when I saw it getting thinner and thinner, it really upset me.
I am not sure if it is the stress, or the diet ( or both to be fair) 
My diet has been pretty bad over the last few months as well. Which may have added to the problem.
So since my cousin has transformed my hair, and given it new life, I want to use it to start a new hair ( and diet) journey, to make my hair more healthy, and nourished.
From tomorrow, I am going to eat more healthier, plus, look after my hair as well.
So my new hair journey begins........wish me luck........


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