In Awe of the England game tonight I thought I would post about the alcohol.  because we all know that there will be a few cans will be drunk tonight. 
if you are in this position there are some words of advice
1. Try to have a heavy meal beforehand I.e full of carbohydrates the best ones I like are spaghetti bolognase,  curries, and chilli based.
2. try to drink plenty of water. water keeps us hydrated and unfortunately when we drink alcohol it dehydrates us, causing us terrible hangovers in the next day
3. Try to go for spirits I.e vodka with sugar free lemonade/coke, whiskey etc because they are diluted they tend to have fewer calories than say a glass of wine.
4. burn of those calories that you have put on by walking home after the game, no excuses least its not cold!!!

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