Fwd: A few ideas.....

Hello everyone. Did you have a nice easter? Also did you enjoy the royal wedding? Didnt kate look lovely? I am sure you all agree. Anyway with regards to healthy eating i said before that i am going to give you a few ideas to kick start the summer. Because lets be honest summer is round the corner and only a few weeks away. So let me not rumble on.....
. consider sharing eggs with a partner or whoever you live with.
.Time yourself, there is no pressure to have the eggs now. Have an egg say each month.
. Dont forget to have plenty of fruit and vegetables. Dont substitute fruit and veg for chocolate!
. Keep a food diary of what you have so that you know and are aware of what you are eating.
. Finally get support from other people,you never know what tips they can give you.
If you have any tips why dont you share them on here. Every little helps as they say!!!
Oh i forgot to say as well exercise. Walk as far as you can. Start of small and work your way up.


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