Oh my.....

Cant believe its been three weeks since my last blog.

well my bedroom got redone so computer was out of action. so all done now, so i am back again!!

well as its easter (well Good Friday today) just want to say happy easter, and if you do over indulge, its ok..

just remember these pointers:

  • If you receive alot of eggs (like me) try not to have them in one go, spread them out over a few weeks, so at least you will have them, but not in one setting
  • the above also leads to portion sizes, try to limit how many eggs you will have per day, or per portion. Its best to have say one egg rather than 3 or 4 eggs etc. so look at portion control as well.
  • dont feel disheartenend, its an important event, so enjoy it !!
later on into next week I will discuss how we will start our healthy eating plan once again. so dont worry :)

have a good one!

picture courtesy of Rick T.J


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